Being simple is not so simple
We’re communication designers who turn words and images into visual aids that help you stand out in an information overloaded world— not only by capturing and explaining complex business concepts but also by extracting extraneous elements to clearly reveal the core value of your message.
We dig deeper
Whether it’s explaining the value of a new technology, making an abstract life science process easier to understand, navigating a complex task-based information system or expressing intangible qualities that makes a product unique–we distill messages into engaging, accessible and memorable"sight-bites" that audiences “get“ quicker.

Making info engaging, accessible and memorable
Founded in 2005, Essentialize is an agile, collaborative team of design, technical and content knowledge experts who come together to offer high quality,cost-effective solutions custom to your needs.
Diana Losch, Founding Principal, is a seasoned information designer/visual storyteller with over 20 years of experience supporting enterprises, emerging businesses and non-profits with their most demanding information design, marketing communications and branding challenges.  

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