Making abstract life science concepts easier to understand through visualizations. 
This early stage engineering technology company was developing novel transport and delivery solutions that could change an entire industry.
The regenerative medical bioprocess for autologous stem cells is complex  and the company’s story is both deep and broad. We designed an animated KeyNote presentation with a modular customizable structure so the story can be delivered at a high level to engage investors quickly while allowing the presenter to drill down into details per the audiences’ interest.
Educational infographics created to show benefits of treatments and explain procedures to patients
Created as part of presentation for International health care communications agency, this timeline shows a sequence of upcoming events to align with a proposed product campaign.
This Instructions for Use guide was created for a focus group comparing three different drug delivery systems so the company could to learn about user preferences.  
A monograph on tumor angiogenesis, developed with a medical writer/oncology specialist, released with the announcement from an investigational study. The publication was structured to allow for quick review while providing for ease of access to deeper levels of info. Use of infographics made abstract concepts easier to understand.
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